"Angkringan "

Angkringan is a very unique cultural feature in the island of Java, especially in central Java and Yogyakarta special province. The Angkringan generally can be described as a food peddler who using a kind of small house cart and sell various kind of traditional food in a very affordable cost.

Angkringan is unique because it mostly can be found only in small part of central Java and large part of Yogyakarta; you can find the angkringan in almost every alleys of Yogyakarta.

Another uniqueness of the Angkringan is the cultural value of it. Numerous of local wisdom can be learned in the establishment of Angkringan. The Angkringan is not only considered as a place to get your meal and go. It's a warm place where you will be welcomed with hospitable, friendly and polite service; place to socialize with other people with no discrimination whatsoever.