Traditional Handmade Silver Craft and Jewelries

In beautiful of Jogja can be seen the heart of Javanesse culture and commerce . Jogjakarta is one of Indonesia's top destinations. With Indonesia's various tourism offices, the private sector and publications, Jogjakarta will offer guests the opportunity of a safe, comfortable and memorable holiday or successful in business trip.

Jogjakarta is shopper's paradise and cheaper than other tourist center. The city famous with traditional crafts such as batik, leather, earthenware, ceramics, wooden and silver handicrafts. The visitors also have the chance to see the artists at work, using traditional methods, unchanged for centuries.

Silver Workshop of Kotagede

In the silver workshops of Kotagede, once the seat of the Mataram empire, but now a tranquil little town just a few kilometres east of Jogjakarta, there hardly seem to exist any trade secrets: every body is welcome to watch as the silver is being transformed from raw material into beautiful works of art under the deft hands of the numerous craftsmen.

Not much has changed in the methods of producing fine silverware. The whole process from the melting of pure silver beads to forging, engraving and assembling the different parts into final products is done by hand.

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Traditional Silversmith

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