Nasi Kuning ( condiment: Telur dadar, Kacang , Tempe goreng, Abon Sapi )
Nasi Kuning (Condiment: scrambled eggs, beans, fried Tempe, Shredded Beef)

Rice dishes with accompaniments cooked in coconut milk and colored bright yellow using turmeric and scented with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves

Nasi Putih
White Rice

Healthy and organic white rice

Nasi Goreng
Fried Rice

Fried rice dishes with accompaniments

Tahu Goreng / Bacem
Fried /Bacem Tofu

Tofu dishes fried or grilled with sweet soya sauce

Tempe Mendoan / Bakwan Jagung
Traditional Tempe /Corn Snacks
Gurameh Goreng Tepung
Crispy Fried Gurameh
Sayur Asem
Sayur Asem

Vegetables in tamarind-flavored soup

Bakmi Goreng
Bakmi Goreng

A Chinese-influenced Javanese traditional fried noodle dish

Ca Sayuran
Vegetables Stir-fry dish

Stir fry dish of vegetable assortment

Jawa Kare
Javanese curry

Traditional Javanese curry

Gulai Daging
Meat Gulai

Meat cooked in a curry-like coconut milk soup

Sate Ayam
Chicken Satay

Fried chicken sticks with peanut sauce

Semur Ayam
Chicken Semur

Deep fry chicken meat grilled with sweet soya sauce

Gudeg Telor
Egg Gudeg

Young jackfruit, chicken and hardboiled egg stew with unique sweet and savory taste

Terong Balado
Terong Balado

Spicy sour vegetable dish

Salad, Aneka Sambal, Krupuk, Emping

Salad, Various spicy sauces, Traditional snacks